From the Field-POM 4/08

Dear Prayer Partners,

Greetings from Pokot to you all in the precious Name of our Lord.

We are all doing fine as a family, and the Ministry too is doing great.

Josephine, 14, is doing well at school both academically and socially. She is well liked among her class and room mates. She moves to 9th grade this summer.

Rebecca, who will be 10 years old in June, has adjusted well to boarding school where she is learning with her sister. She hardly speaks much but she is more diligent in her school work than Josephine when she was her age.

Miriam the singer continues to sing. Now that the two older ones are not there, she and Jumboy continue to get along well.

Jumboy, now 4, seems to have been told by somebody somewhere that he is the baby and must just not grow but keep hanging on mama’s skirt. He is so different from the girls!

Church Planting and Evangelism

We had a very successful evangelistic campaign in the last week of February in Kalowani, Uganda. About 700 people came to hear the word preached and over 200 of them committed their lives to Christ. We praise the Lord for them and pray that God will bring them up spiritually. We faced challenges like witches, sorcerers, tribal prophets who are powerful and feared by the people in these areas.

For the young believers in the village, these demonic powers are a threat to them. Nomadic lifestyle is the other problem because they move from one area to another looking for food and pasture.

Our evangelist’s training started on the last week of March. We have 15 men training to help us to take the gospel to places we have not been to.

God has really used the simplicity of the presentation of these men as they share the gospel. In the villages, they are really ordinary people and God has used the ordinariness to show himself as extra ordinary in them.

This time seems to be challenging East, West, North for all of us because of shortage of food that is largely looming all over Kenya and already realized in some parts of Pokot, The East Pokot and Sigor near Lomut School.

We look forward to working with a team coming in July around the waterfall area, Kodich Orphanage, Kauriong and Chemolingot in East Pokot.

As teams work with our people physically, it really touches our people spiritually and sends a lot of messages about God’s love.

Our team to Sudan leaves in May to be established in Riwoto, Kapoeta district. Pray that God will have met a need of $18,000 for a used Suzuki or Toyota R4 because the road does not have public transport.


The beginning of this year was really challenging for us at these Institutions.

Supply of food and the situation of teachers became a problem when Kenya had skirmishes after the general election.

Many people in Kenya believed that they voted out the current President of Kenya and so when he was announced to have won the election, violence broke out and over 1,000 people were killed.

This made it impossible for teachers at the orphanages to report to schools, suppliers of food commodities and of building materials and even transportation and mobility became impossible.

The whole situation however made us more prayerful. Five more orphans passed their national 8th grade exam and joined high schools in various parts of Kenya.

Even though this is good for us as a Ministry but of financial troubles in paying school fees is also increased by five more and some more will go to Universities.

Water Drilling

We are very thankful for the sacrifice many of you have made to make it possible for Pokot to drink water.

We are drilling boreholes and God is giving us good success with the old drilling equipment on a new hope that will move our drilling work very fast. Vincent Onyango our main driller and mechanic will leave next week for India to try and bring in a new drilling machine.

Our people are very happy and are looking forward to a blessed time with a lot more boreholes! God is really good. When we first thought about the possibility of having a new machine, it was truly unrealistic and beyond reach. But by God’s grace, he has made the impossible with man to be possible.

Medical Services

While the country was been going through difficult times with skirmishes it has made it very difficult for us to operate too. Nurses could not move around easily and communication was generally difficult. But normalcy is returning slowly and we are particularly grateful that it’s returning before the months of May-July when malaria is normally very rampant and breaks out very strongly.

Dr. Josephine and her team are busy taking medical services to the people and requests for establishing clinics all over continues to be high.

The people also continue to press us for a hospital in Kapenguria so that some of the referral cases which are so pressing now can be solved in the facility yet to be constructed in Kapenguria.

Please pray for Kenya that God will restore our country to what it was before.

Pray that God will continue to call our people in the unreached places such as East

Uganda, Pokot Mountains and the far and difficult areas as our men go.

Pray that God will meet the need for $ 18,000 for Sudan by May.

•Looming starvation and shortage of food, a big threat. Pray that God will meet this need.

Thank you and God bless you,

Sincerely Yours In His Bonds,
Julius Murgor