“ No child should die from starvation or preventable disease, be denied an education, or live without Jesus”

By Peg Ohman – Coordinator /

pegohmanandhersponsorchildEighteen months ago I had no idea that a short-term mission trip to Kenya would change my life forever.  What began as a prayer to do something of lasting value for the Kingdom became a clear calling and a passion for the children of Pokot.  I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to serve Him thru the NoChild initiative.

On August 5, 2011 a team from Kensington hosted by Harvesters, returned from Kenya where we updated profiles, pictures and did a medical assessment of the children at each of the children’s homes in Kodich, Kauriong and Chemolingot.  We were able to see first- hand the impact the child sponsorship is having on their lives.  Their love for each other, sense of community and especially their love for our Lord and Savior is more than evident in their lives. These children will be forever changed because of the loving support of our sponsors.

I personally had a chance to see the child that I sponsor.  Chepkite had a feisty spirit and a beautiful smile that stole my heart on my first trip to Kenya last February.  I was so happy to see her smiling face again and to spend time with her. Chepkite hasn’t lost her feisty spirit either.  She managed to sneak into a game we were playing with the children after her turn was over!   Sponsoring a child is more than just sending $38.00 per month.  It’s a privilege to pray for her and to help give her every opportunity to succeed in life.  I pray that she will grow in her love for the Lord and that she will become part of the next generation of leaders who will change her community and her world.

In the next few weeks we will be adding over 150 children to the  website.  I look at the faces of these children every day.  They have been imprinted on my heart.  My prayer is that they will make a lasting impression on yours.