A Safe Home for Lera

We arrived in Russia on Sunday the 20th. On the 18th the government had contacted Misha & Lena, the 2nd HFL parents and informed them of a 14 year old girl who had no place to live.
Lera’s Dad is in prison, and her mom is a alcoholic. She has been neglected and uncared for for years. She has smoked since she was 8 and has not been to school for years. She works in a cafe to survive.
In desperation and knowing the love of Misha & Lena the government officials bought her to the HFL home. She is now in their care and may possibly stay there. This choice was made by her. When the government officials asked her about her decision she told them that she looked into the eyes of Lena the house mother and knew she would not lie to her.
Joye and I were able to meet her and talk with her. As we sang Jesus loves me she began to become overwhelmed with emotion, and often leaves the room crying. Her heart is literally melting because of the love the parents and kids have given to her. Two of the younger girls have given her their bed and sleep on the couch for the time.
Please pray for this sweet girl, the house parents and wisdom for all as decisions are made. To see first hand the impact these parents are having on these children is a blessing! Their lives are being completely changed and the evidence of the Holy Spirit is very clear!
Pray specifically for Lera to be accepting to change, wisdom for the houseparents, and Gods leading concerning where she will live.
Thank you,
Jeff, Joye, Zhanna & the house parents