Dear my brothers Praise Jesus, Am happy and so happy for miracle a have seen baptize have started with prayers from Monday up to Friday on one week so it’s amazing on that Friday those people who gone be in baptism they stand up them self to repent their sins without recommendation to ask GOD to forgave them the deferent sins it’s not easy to repent in many people the fornication sin but they did and in church or people they wise wiping for it so parents I was happy for that am telling you. pastorwiththepeopleWe continue on Sunday when I was need to baptize people I fast prayed and haven open for as in prayer so I come down in water I was filling a happiness and I closed my eyes praying so I open and I call fast one to come to baptize him men know Ingabire Theophila she said Pastor fast lat me repent my sin and she repent all the people was dancing and me in Jordan I was filling the happiness cause the holy spirit of God was coming in Jordan. I thank you for your prayers you have prayed for as end many things you help as the aid ears you gave to as Pastor Mike it was surprise to them the gift and certificate it was nice. I walked with Athanasius in morning he was visited me we went in one place we have people we pray to gather the tribe called batwa there so happy for as end I have aid ear of to starting the church and they are so happy for it and am looking the supporters for them cause they are necked so they are kids they are so hang off they have not food so pray for me maybe in this time that we may go to pray with them they have sale near for them and it can cost 100.000fr money in one math so bat on Friday I were go in Uganda to pray with my Christian same of them, we will pray for it, and pray for as cause those tribe of batwa they are under of all poor in country they fill that they have not hope same of them many they are not pray bat those they arise and said we will so it makes Athanasius to be happy. Cause they was calling them the people who rafted behind. Pray for me on Sunday we have King’s table it’s fast time in my church to share the Christ is body so we were go in Uganda we back on Sunday morning to be in Service in church so after service we have on 16/09/2012 the conference at 14h at Karuruma place. Men it was good thing in God but devil tried to kill me in home. Know the car come from road three up of my gate and it fore in so God protected as with my kids that car destroyed only my gate my kids was at school so it were make them to pay that gate so pray for me I need to build my gate maybe God can make them to build the strong gate. So Athanasius comes to make me strong because I was weak in visiting me. My God bless you I love you Pastor Aphrodis MUTABARUKA SEIRA COMMUNITY CHURCH