Empowering the Poor Through Christ

empower the poor Dr. Jyotsana Prasad (Ranu) of Good Samaritan Sewa Kendra (GSSK) in Ujjain, India, was recently honored as one of 10 non-government teachers in the state of Madhya Pradesh “for empowering poor village children with education, other components of rural development, maintaining high academic level, with strict discipline and eliciting willing cooperation from her staff members, with exemplary cleanliness in the school premises.”

We, as a family, are very thrilled!!! We want you to praise God for this recognition and award. And we hasten to thank each of you because it is your prayers and sacrificial giving that makes this all possible.

When they started considering Ranu for this award, quite a number of high officials from government education department visited the school frequently to verify the glowing reports of the lower officers and finalize the list of awardees.

The highest among them went from room to room specifically looking for something. Finally, he asked Ranu, “Madam, how come you don’t have a single painting or idol of goddess Saraswathi?” Saraswathi is the hindu goddess for learning.

Ranu grasped the opportunity and informed him, “Sir, this is a Christian Mission School- the Lord Jesus Christ alone is everything for us!” She gave him God’s plan of salvation in a simple and concise form.

Pray for that officer and the ones who were also present. Please join us in celebrating this recognition of distinction for Ranu and the beacon of Christian light that both schools are in their communities.

Ranu has a doctorate in education and has dedicated her life, along with her husband, Kamlesh, to sharing the love of Christ with her predominately Hindu community through the ministry of two schools that serve hundreds of students.