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When Light Occupies The Land


Our vision at POM South Sudan is to let light occupy the land. Church planting, disciple making, and leadership development are at the heart of our ministry. The light will only occupy the land when as many as those who hear and believe the good news let the light occupy their hearts.

We praise God for the impact that our teams are making in different tribes, and we can confidently testify about those who have believed; and now, the light is residing in their hearts. We would like to share with you what God is doing among the Diding’a tribe. Among the ministry leaders reaching different locations for Diding’a, four men are in the frontlines rallying the troops for spreading the light – Jacob, Joseph, Atanazio, and Simon. Their passion for the lost is always being renewed.

Hope Restored
We would like to share the story of a girl whose hopes were restored because of the good news that was preached by Atanazio and his team in Khartima. Susan Akongo, in her naivety, was lured into premarital sex in her late teens while in primary school. She got pregnant and was forced to drop out of school. Since there was no commitment from her child’s father that would have led to marriage, Susan felt that her life was wrecked beyond repair. With nothing else to count on, she felt as though she was a social outcast. For several years, she was hopeless, living in shame and with low self-esteem.

At the height of her despair, she had a chance to hear the news of Jesus Christ from Atanazio and his team of evangelists. When she believed and accepted Jesus as the Lord and Savior of her life, she was not the same again. The chains of shame fell off, the cloud of hopelessness was lifted away, and what remained was a new sense of purpose in life and hope, not only for a promising future, but also the hope of eternal life. Her life was given a new order!

Susan is now attending primary school to continue her studies (even at age 27!), and she is ready to continue to high school and beyond. She is one among the believers of the church in Khartima, and she is a new witness of Jesus in His Kingdom. She enjoys working with the children on Sunday mornings. She’s seen here on the right giving out a snack during the children’s fellowship. The love of Jesus is truly a love that frees people from all chains associated with sin and its consequences. We praise God for the great restoration.