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A Home For Kirill


Andrey and Oksana are from a small village near Khabarovsk. Their small church family and the entire community know them as a very happy and loving family with three beautiful daughters. When Andrey and Oksana began to pray about taking in an orphan, their fellow church members and neighbors were dumbfounded. At first, no one supported them or understood why they would want the problems that could bring.

Andrey and Oksana were undeterred! They felt a deep burden to share their love and happiness with an orphan. Very soon, their hearts and testimony impacted their church, neighbors, and Andrey’s coworkers. Their faith was strong!

While they were praying, God was working. Kirill, a 9-year-old orphan boy, asked Jesus into his life. His prayer after he accepted Jesus was for God to bless his birth mother, whom he has never met, and for God to give him a family.

Kirill has attended our summer camp several times and was well known by another one of our foster families. Through these connections, he is now with his new family where he is well cared for and loved! His new family believes that Kirill will grow up to be a man of strong faith who will make a difference in their church and in their village.

Please continue to pray for HFL Homes in Russia. With your prayers and support, we seek to equip more Christian couples like Andrey and Oksana who will open their lives and homes to orphans.