Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus.  God has been gracious to us, and we thank him for the great progress our ministry is making.

Mobile Health Program

The villages we are reaching for Christ are situated in places where access to any medical help is unthinkable.  They therefore resort to other ways, such as witchcraft, which treats nothing!  Our health program has two simple goals – debunking witchcraft as being a solution to the diseases people face and presenting Christ, the true physician, who can not only heal physically, but also spiritually.

Reuben- medicalThis program is about three months old and focused near two preaching points.  One of our evangelists, Sam Atyeng, also has medical training and experience in the treatment of common tropical diseases.  He is God sent!  Along with medical care, we provide health education addressing basic principles such as washing of hands, proper waste disposal, boiling drinking water, and using mosquito nets.  We can tell that this teaching is taking hold as villagers now request up to bring soaps.

Currently, our health program runs on $200 per month.  We hope to increase that in the future so that we can provide better health care.  We also hope that the community will accept paying for this service so that it can become self-sustainable.

Church Planting

Our primary church in Kapoeta is doing well.  We have established ministries for men, women, youth, and children.  Construction began on our church building over a month ago, and we hope to be finished by August.

We currently have four church plants with other areas under consideration.  Each preaching site is growing in numbers and more leaders are begin trained.  Some of these church plants are already planning church plants of their own!

I owe the start of our newest preaching point to one passionate woman, Martha Lokwale.  She came to us requesting that we visit her village.  She was so persistent that I could not turn her down!  On the day I came to preach, many villagers came to listen to the Gospel and see “the new preacher”.  One person stood and said that she was hesitant to attend believing that I would be full of empty promises like she had experienced in the past.  She said, “I see that you are different and that God has truly sent you.”

I was moved to tears and asked myself how I could possibly bring hope to hundreds laboring under the burden of a myriad of problems.  It is then that I concluded that we are the lens though which people can see the true hope found in Christ.

Impact Seminars

reuben impactAs part of building the capacity of our leaders and evangelists, we have developed Impact Seminars.  The aim of the seminars is to expand leaders’ knowledge of the Word and doctrine and to develop and sharpen skills for ministry.  We set goals, define and communicate our purposes, and cast our vision.  The backbone of these seminars is the five New Testament purposes we want every leader and church to implement – worship, ministry, evangelism, fellowship, and discipleship.

Pictured here is our first seminar held last month for the elders and leaders of our main church in Kapoeta.  We are excited to implement these seminars at each of our churches and preaching points.

We value your prayers!  Below are ways you can pray for us:

•  Thank God with us that a peace deal was struck in South Sudan and that things are beginning to normalize.

•  Pray for the health of my wife, Loice, and son, Pagiel, as they have now joined me in Kapoeta.

•  Pray for the ongoing construction.  We are praying that God will provide the remaining $36,000 needed to complete our building.

•  Pray for our programs and preaching points that they may have impact in the lives of the people we are reaching.