A Job For Everyone

Evangelism is not the responsibility of one person.  It is for everyone!  Many times, people think that the pastor is the only person that should be out evangelizing.  But no, each person has the task of going and reaching another, telling him who Christ is and what He did.  We provide training and discipleship for all church members so that they are well equipped to share with others.

Even the children in our schools and orphan care program are learning how to share their faith.  Every Monday, the children attend a meeting with the Headmaster.  There is a time of prayer, and the Headmaster teaches a lesson or sermon.  We make sure the children know that they are the servants of tomorrow.  As they grow, they are asked to assist with the lesson.  Youth attend discipleship training to make sure they have a firm foundation in their faith.  We want them to be bold and confident in sharing.

Young or old – if only every believer shared!  Imagine how many people would become sons and daughters of the King!