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UBC Year End Update


In our August update, we shared some exciting information regarding the new radio station being operated by the Union of Baptist Churches, our partner in the D.R. Congo. Known as Voice of Comfort Radio, this work began as an effort to share information regarding the Coronavirus, but quickly grew into a well-rounded and successful means of providing biblical teaching, ministry to couples and families, prayer, and counseling as well as public service programming. The broadcast originates from the ministry’s headquarters in Goma and is done in multiple languages to accommodate the population being reached.

The results have been consistent and impressive. Since Voice of Comfort Radio began broadcasting on May 12th of this year, 46 new believers have been baptized as a result of God using the station’s programming to share the gospel. Most of these have joined the local churches and are being discipled. Further, 288 people have renewed their faith and 18 couples reconciled after long separations. There are nearly 200 testimonies of hospitalized patients giving thanks to God for their restored health after being encouraged and prayed for during radio programs. God has also used the station’s efforts to help people become employed in local businesses. All this has created much enthusiasm from Pastor Athanase and the others involved with the operation of Voice of Comfort Radio.

Voice of Comfort Radio currently needs support of $25 per day ($175 per week) for its operational expenses. As a startup station with limited commercial opportunities, the ministry relies on gifts to sustain itself while increasing its ability to reach more people.

Pastor Athanase’s vision to expand the station’s reach requires the construction of a taller tower and the installation of additional antenna equipment. This project will cost approximately $9,000 to complete.

We are trusting God to use Voice of Comfort Radio to encourage, teach, and lead many more people to an authentic relationship with Christ. Please pray for this ministry and consider giving to support its operation and expansion.