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GSSK Year End Update


COVID-19 is taking its toll in our beloved nation of India. The pandemic became very real for us when Sarita Sharma, principal of our village school, became COVID positive. She contracted the virus while serving food packets to the poor children and their families in our villages. By God’s grace, she is well now! Please continue to pray for her and her family, as well as all of our staff members. Even through the pandemic, we have continued to pay their salaries because we are committed to them just as much as they are committed to seeing that our students continue to learn.

Through our schools, we are able to minister to 316 children and their families. They receive a quality, Christian education with all uniforms, textbooks, and supplies provided through your generosity. They are provided with a nutritious lunch three times a month. Snacks are given frequently. Now, due to Coronavirus, we are teaching them remotely as much as possible.

In early March, our government declared a national lockdown. No one was allowed to go out of their home. Our school children belong to poor families that depend on daily wages laboring in the fields. The lockdown meant starvation. At this crucial time, your sacrificial gift of grocery packets gave them a new life. They are very thankful to all God’s children who helped them in this time of need. Once again, thank you very much for your sacrificial gifts in spite of your own needs during the pandemic. The need continues as jobs are hard to find, so we are continuing with distribution of grocery packets.

We can see the fruits of God’s ministry through Harvesters, which began in Ujjain in 2005. Our Lord has blessed the ministry through children like Vijay Kevat (in blue). His parents are daily wage earners with five children. Vijay studied at the village school from nursery to 8th grade. He then attended the government high school, scoring very high marks. He was accepted to college and will be studying electrical engineering on a full scholarship! Vijay gives all credit to our Lord and to Harvesters for supporting him for the last 11 years. He is very thankful to all the teachers who worked hard to make his academic foundation very strong.

For only $21 per month, you can sponsor one of the children on our waiting list to attend school. Will you help us to continue to support and inspire students like Vijay?