The Ripple Effect Continues On

In November, 2010, Forcey Memorial Church kicked off their Orphan Sunday with a goal of raising funding for fifty mattresses, mattress covers and a blanket at $70.00 a set for the 600 plus orphans under the umbrella of the Pokot Outreach Ministry of Northwest Kenya. Some might say that it “was a drop in the bucket”? But praise the Lord that it was a drop in the “right bucket”!

Today, Forcey Memorial Church has far exceeded their goal and as a result of Harvesters International Ministries sharing what the church had initiated, the ripple effect has led other churches to become involved as well. Now there are over 400 Pokot orphans have new higher quality bedding that should meet their needs for the next five years or so. Harvesters currently has funding in hand for an additional 85 bed sets and is trusting that God’s people will continue to respond for the remaining 165 still needed.