Serving Seniors

As I have aged and lost my parents, I sometimes feel very alone even though my son is close, he has his own life and friends.  Kamlesh and Ranu saw this same need with older people in the area of India where they serve and decided to do something about it.  About two years ago they added a senior’s ministry to their already busy schedule of two schools, village outreach and several small house churches.  This ministry has been a real blessing and has grown during the past two years.  We recently received a report about the Easter celebration that was combined with an 85th birthday celebration.

birthdaycelebrationHolidays are a particularly difficult to time for seniors who are alone – memories flood their minds of days of large family reunions and celebrations – the things that are now missing as many of their family members have passed on or moved to distant locations.  Kamlesh, Ranu and their daughter Kushy are filling the gap for these losses – they have become the “family” that is so missing in these people’s lives.  The church is a family, but this is more than that, this is something special that brings people together to not only celebrate the goodness of the Lord, but also to have fellowship with one another in the daily events of life.

Perhaps you know seniors in your own community who would love to be part of a “family” again.  It would be wonderful to recognize that need the way Kamlesh’s family has and make a difference for the Kingdom by showing His love overflowing in you.

We are very thankful for this expansion of the ministry and help to support it whenever possible.  If you have a heart for this aspect of ministry and would like to assist in the growth of the program Kamlesh and Ranu offer to seniors, click here.  Remember, Christians are known by their love!