You may remember Pastor Philip’s joy at receiving the funds to purchase a tractor and a cane trailer back in 2009. This was an answer to many years of prayer and has resulted in the ministry being able to farm almost double the acreage they had before. This increased production has been a blessing in so far as it has been paying the school fees for the students in secondary school, but with the blessing has also come a challenge – the need for a harrow to be able to plant the acreage in a timely fashion. Philip has still been dependent on others with the necessary equipment to be able to prepare the land, and of course, he comes after the owners’ own needs, often causing the planting to be later than optimal timing which produces a smaller crop.

gomharrowPhilip has committed this issue to prayer for two years and has trusted the Lord to provide in His timing. Philip has not been anxious, but rather persistent, and that persistence has paid off – in April Harvesters was able to forward funds along with savings that Philip had been able to make to have the harrow become a reality. This was more than just a funding issue, it was also a timing issue, as there was only one harrow left in stock, and it could have taken up to a year to receive another into Kenya.

Philip’s faith, trust and patience are a testimony to how he conducts his ministry. He is a calm man with a deep faith that the Lord will provide when it is prudent and in His timing. Here is Philip’s quote regarding the new equipment, “With this equipment at hand we are now better equipped to do more farms and at the right time. We are happy and indeed rejoicing at this timely provision.” Philip has many needs, but he is a good business man and through prayer and meditation has been blessed with being able to creatively advance his ministry over the years. Each major gift that he has received has brought him a step closer to completing the orphanage building, starting a secondary school and reaching more people with the Gospel of Christ.

We rejoice with Philip in this generous donation and in his ability to creatively finance the remainder. May the Lord be glorified through the labors of His workers.