Putting Christ in Christmas

by Sandi Roach

As the Lord opens new doors of partnership for Harvesters International Ministries, one of the most exciting things is to get to know the partners and see how the Lord uses them in their distinct ministry locations to carry out His will. Having met Edwin last summer, one could see a quiet passion for the Lord, but having received a recent report of the ministry’s Christmas outreach, there is definitely fire behind the passion.

Here is a brief testimony from Edwin regarding how the Lord orchestrated the Christmas events.

“We were able to complete all our Christmas activities at CYSC at Eluru; we could feel the presence of the Lord as He led us through them. It was indeed only by His Grace we were able to have each one of these programs this year.”

“The day after we completed the outdoor activities – (3 day) Street Carols and dolls and clothes distribution at Srirangapuram village, Bethesda clinic area of Andhra Pradesh was under severe unrest due to the fact that the Central Government announced plans to divide the State in tow – with people protesting for and against this decision. … The police would have cancelled our permission for the Street Carols and we would not have been able to travel to the village. Along with the Street Carols for 3 evenings, we handed out tracts and distributed dolls to more than 100 children and saris to about 15 ladies.”

cyscchildrenwstuffedanimalsThe wonderful thing about all these Christmas events is that they were visible to the non-Christians who dominate the area. The second thing is that over 50 churches were involved in the festivities and presentations – they have found a way to serve the Lord outside of denominational boundaries and have found peace and joy doing this. Together they distributed over 500 soft dolls and provide each child with a snack. This is an annual event that this new partner carries out and there are hundreds of children and adults in attendance. The needs of the widows and elderly were also met through the distribution of over 50 saris to women who meet monthly at CYSC.

Edwin and his mother are sharing the love of Christ in a very real way with the people of Andhra Pradesh, and their love, sharing of resources and joy are bringing Christ to life for the people who the Lord has brought into their path. They are not only living the Golden Rule, but they are living the life that Christ set out for Christians, “By this shall all men know you are my disciples, if you have love for one another”. (John 13:35)

Christ is the reason for the season and for the Hindus in Eluru, this unified Christian outreach is showing them who He is and why He is loved.