Hard Work Pays Off

After a successful pastor’s and evangelist’s training session in November, there has been increases enthusiasm and hard work by the attendees for sharing the Gospel with the Buddhist people of Myanmar. Evangelism is extremely difficult in this beautiful nation that is under the rule of a military Junta, but God is faithful and has protected those from the training session who are sharing the Good News. The Lord’s presence is evident in Myanmar – believers are increasing and many are being baptized.

baptizingayoungboyThere are many who still need to hear, but transportation is difficult as few people own cars. Taxis, which are old, unreliable and expensive and even the bus system does not run to many of the more remote areas of the country. To effectively reach those beyond the limits of public transportation more effectively than on foot, pastors and evangelists need bicycles or motorbikes to be able to access those who long to hear the Gospel in a reasonable amount of time.

The Lord continues to train workers in Myanmar, and as He does so, we pray for new church plants that will continue to stretch beyond the city boundaries and the tight thumb of the Junta. Our partners in Myanmar pray for the day when the entire nation will have heard the Gospel message and when churches will not be under persecution. Please join us in praying for our partner and the workers the Lord has given him that the publications, message and witness will reach the hearts of many and that they will continue to be faithful until the Day of Jesus Christ.