Partnering With Church Planters

“Go and make disciples of all nations” is the familiar commission of Christ to His followers. It’s also the core focus of our ministry partners throughout Africa and Asia. On the front lines of this effort are the evangelists, church planters, and pastors that God has called to the daily task of making disciples. 

In Romans 10, Paul identifies sending as the first spet in the sharing of the Gospel and making disciples. 

…”14How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? 15And how can anyone preach unless they are sent?…” 

God chooses, equips, and sends the workers. And, God uses His people to send them by means of their prayers and giving. 

Supporting indigenous ministry workers – evangelists, church planters, and pastors – who are from the areas they are serving is an effective and efficient means of outreach and ministry. They are already equipped with the language and cultural knowledge needed to do their work. 

Our goal is for all those working in these evangelistic roles to become, whenever possible, self-supporting through the giving of those they serve. Often, as they begin new works, evangelize various groups, or find themselves in other challenging circumstances, financial assistance is needed to provide for themselves and their families. Your giving allows them to more fully dedicate themselves to the ministry work to which they’ve been called and progress toward being taken care of financially by the local congregation. 

Harvesters now offers you the opportunity to participate in the “sending” of evangelists, church planters, and pastors. The cost to fully support a pastor is $100 a month. You may also choose a partial support level that fits your budget. As a regular monthly donor, you will receive quarterly updates about how God is working through the ministry and pastors you support. 

Below, you will read the stories of two pastors that are representative of those that need support. To partner with pastors like these, click here.

Pastor O.T. – Fellowship Bible Church, Myanmar 

The Lord has allowed me to be involved in His ministry since 1994. I was born into a Buddhist home and accepted Christ as a young man. I was fortunate to attend Pastor Training College and Evangelism Training College to prepare me for ministry. 

I currently serve in a remote village and have started a church there. We also began an orphan care ministry in 2014. Our church regularly goes door-to-door sharing our personal testimonies and distributing Gospel tracts. We have discipleship training for new believers so that they have a firm foundation in Christ. 

In order to support my children’s education and their health care, I run a family business. Sponsorship would permit me to focus on spreading the Gospel. 

Pastor A.I. – Closed Country 

I was dying from cancer when a pastor from the ministry I now serve came to visit and pray over me. The Lord miraculously healed my body and changed my heart. 

I have been a pastor for 22 years and currently travel between 10 preaching points. None have a permanent church structure. It is my desire to have meeting places that provide protection from the weather. I hold bi-monthly discipleship sessions that are open to all believers and also go door-to-door in the community sharing the Gospel. 

My wife and I have three daughters and one son. They do chores in other’s homes to help provide for our family. I long to be able to provide them with an education.