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Bringing Hope to Orphans


It has been amazing to watch God pour His blessings upon the ministry in Russia throughout this year!

It began with God’s provision for Sergey and Anya, which allowed them to rescue five orphan siblings that were living in different orphanages throughout eastern Russia. The kids are all now living together, are well adjusted, and learning about God’s love!

Throughout the summer, we also worked with two more couples who are now caring for five orphans, collectively. One of them is a pastor and his wife who have grown to love and care for an orphan boy, Zhenya, who accepted Jesus in the summer camp a few years ago. He is now a part of their family and growing in the Lord.

Camp Transformation is a summer camp where we send orphans each year to hear the Gospel and grow in their faith. God allowed us to send 85 orphans to camp this year! Outside of purchasing vouchers for orphans to attend camp, we have helped with several small building projects to keep the camp functioning throughout the years. In early 2017, we decided that it was time to help in a greater way than ever before. There were two reasons why we committed to this project:

• For years, we have watched the commitment of the local churches, to the camp, grow. Our burden has always been to get behind those in Russia who are making a difference with what God has given them!

• The impact the camp has had on countless orphans over the years is absolutely priceless! For over eight years, the camp staff has watched God completely transform the children that attend. Hundreds of children have come to Christ, and many of them are now rooted in their faith.

The renovations are planned in four phases and include insulation, siding and heating in the main building and dining hall, overhaul of the boiler room and heating systems, and renovation of student rooms. In the early spring, we were able to meet our goal of $24,200 for phases 1 and 2.
As soon as the summer camps ended, we began to put a heating system into one of the main buildings. In late October, the system was up and running, and the building was ready for winter use.

On November 1st, Camp Transformation held their very first camp just for orphans! Held during their fall break, 38 orphans came from three different orphanages. Many of these children have already come to Christ at a prior camp, but for many others, this was the first time to hear the Gospel.

There is still a need of approximately $18,000 to complete phases 3 and 4 of the renovations. The renovations at the camp have been such a blessing in many ways. It has given the camp staff and local churches a breath of life and encouragement to see God provide. It has given the camp director favor with government inspectors. And, it has already allowed us to hold more camps to reach more orphans with the Gospel. Lord willing, next spring we will finish the last phase of renovations.

What a blessing to see God’s people pray and give so generously, and to see our partners in Russia work so hard, giving of their time and talents, all for the ultimate goal of seeing orphans come to the Lord and grow in their faith.

To God be the glory!! Thank you so much for praying and giving to help us reach others in Russia.