Never Too Late

By Athanase Habimana – Union of Baptist Churches

SIP_0869 revMany in DR Congo, an area that is plagued by war and poverty, have not had the opportunity to attend school or receive any job training.  Those that do attend school are often forced to abandon their education due to the inability to pay school fees or because they are needed to assist at home with younger children or tend fields and livestock.

That’s all changing because of UBC’s commitment to provide valuable life skills to the people in the communities they serve.  They currently have two vocational schools with additional programs that provide training in agricultural farming and goat and pig farming.  They operate four handcraft centers that provide instruction in sewing and tailoring, as well as 230 literacy centers across the region.  In the photo below, women are learning to read and write Swahili.  This class costs each woman only $1 per month.  What an amazing gift to be able to read and write!

Please be in prayer for the leaders at UBC as they work to expand their programs by upgrading computer labs and adding additional sewing machines to accommodate more students.

Success Stories

IMG_20150717_115234[1] rev2My name is Julienne Furaha, and I am 17 years old.  I was forced to abandon school when I was in Form One (comparable to 9th grade)
because my parents are poor and could not afford my school fees.

I learned that the church in Hekima had a training center that taught sewing.  I attended the center and spent six months studying sewing and how to use the sewing machine.  I graduated last year and have started my own sewing room.  I am able to make clothes and other things  to earn money to help feed my family and to provide for my personal needs. Life has changed so much because I had the opportunity to learn.  I am so thankful for the training center.


learning rev

My name is Prince Kirumbula, and I am 36 years old.  As a child, I did not attend any school.   When I heard that Bethel church opened a school for adults, I knew I wanted to attend.  After only one year,  I knew how to read and write Kiswahili.  I also took training in mathematice.  Now I am able to do my small business knowing the math without any problems.  I am grateful for the privilege of learning this far into my life.  I had a big privilege of knowing what I was not expected to know. Many thanks to the UBC.