My name is Ye Tun Aung.  I am from Khuki village and a member of the NAGA tribe. This area is mostly unreached for Christ and thereMBC are very few Christians.  I was brought up in a Christian family along with two younger brothers and three younger sisters.

Though I was brought up in a Christian family, I did not have assurance of salvation.  I pretended to be Christian until I was 15 years old.  I was involved in youth and activities of the church, but I never felt real joy in my life.  One day, I attended a crusade held by a Chin Evangelist, Saya YaCawng.  I heard the power of the good news and accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior and Lord.  From that day onward I have assurance of salvation.  Now, I am sure that if I die today, I will be with the Lord.

After I completed school, I wanted to attend Bible college.  I needed to earn money, so I left home and moved to Phakanh to work.  I spent the next four years away from home and my Christian support system.  I came to feel the absence of God in my heart.  I began to make bad choices in friends, which led me to use drugs and alcohol.  I was totally addicted.  My purpose was lost.  I wanted to died many times.

By God’s grace, I was allowed to meet God again with the help of Pastor Sein Tun, a missionary from FBC.  I became so hungry for the word of God and wanted to know more about Him.  Glory Be to God and honor to His worthy Name!  From my village, Pastor Tun and I walked for two days, then we took a bus for four days to arrive at Myanmar Bible College.

Myanmar Bible College is equipping me with biblical knowledge, helping me mature spiritually, and transforming me to be a better man.  I know that when I graduate I will be the best usable instrument for God’s kingdom.  After graduation, I will serve as a missionary in the many unreached areas of Myanmar, sharing the transformative message of Christ.