Girls in Kauriong Move Back In!

POM Aug2014 039 This may be hard to believe, but the fire in the Kauriong dormitory was actually a blessing.   It caused the leadership to take a hard look at the safety and security of the two dorms for the girls.  The dorm window openings were covered with a strong mesh wire and screen making it difficult for the girls to get out of the building except for the doorway.  Fortunately, the fire occurred during the day and that was not a problem.  The funds raised to complete the roof repairs were sufficient to install all new window frames that swing open and have glass panes to keep the cold weather out.

The other great blessing that you can see in the picture is that we were able to build two walls with gates connecting the two dorms.  This provides the girls extra security at night.  The staff is excited about the new additions and praise the Lord with joy and thanksgiving!  Thank you for responding so unselfishly to meet the need for the dormitory repairs!  To Him be the praise, glory, and honor.