Destined for Leadership – Meet Eliazar

Eliazar is the youngest of seven children and was born to parents who were both suffering from AIDS.  When Eliazar was only two months old, his father passed away due to AIDS, leaving his mother to care for all seven children by herself.  Because she was also Eliazar (Kerith Ministries) 1very sick with AIDS, almost to the point of death, she was unable to work and not able to provide for the children’s basic needs. Because of their poor living conditions, Eliazar and two of his siblings were placed into different children’s homes around Jinja.  The rest were scattered throughout several cities living with different relatives or friends who were willing to take them in and care for them.

In 2008, Eliazar reached the age of 18 and he was asked to move out of Canaan Children’s Home.  He had no job or place to live.  Pastor Samuel Mwesigwa and his wife Mercy, of Kerith Ministries in Uganda, heard about Eliazar’s situation and agreed to let the teen live with them in Pallisa.  Pastor Sam and Mercy were able to find a sponsor to help pay for Eliazar’s school fees so that he could finish his remaining secondary school classes.  Then they were able to find another sponsor who has helped pay for all of his university classes.  Eliazar is currently in his third year at a university in Kampala and is studying to receive a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management.

Eliazar has proved to be a good steward of money, time, and resources.  He is a hard worker and very dependable.  He is also an up-and-coming Bible teacher and enjoys teaching the youth group at River of God Church in Pallisa whenever he is home on school breaks or holidays.  In addition to this, Eliazar also serves in the music ministry at church as a pianist,.  He has taught countless others how to play the piano as well.

Because Eliazar is a spiritual leader, trustworthy, and has a passion and heart for helping the needy, he has recently been voted onto the board of Kerith Ministries and is considered to be one of the future leaders of the ministry.  After he graduates with his Bachelor’s Degree in 2015, Eliazar will move back to Pallisa to take up the position of Project Manager for Kerith Ministries.