From The Field

Greetings in the name of our Lord! From the field, we would like to share our joys and challenges with you. We always count on your partnership as you help bear our burden through prayer and material support. Our unity of purpose on what God has embraced in our hearts shall one day be achieved. 

Situation in South Sudan 

The country remains in a state of uncertainty. The economic meltdown is unbearable for many. War, combined with hunger, has caused people to flee to refugee camps. The original peace agreement collapsed, and a modified version is now in effect. We still pray for God to bring enduring peace. 

Ministry Update 

The main church at Kapoeta is doing great. We were excited to hold our first baptism since the ministry began. We also had our first communion services, which we hope to hold on a regular
 basis. This has breathed life and energy into our church. 

church-building-2Construction of our church building resumed last month after a break. We expect that the structure will be complete with windows and doors by the third week of December. The flooring, paint, glass for windows, and other furnishings are still needed. We hope that it can be finished by next year, whenever God provides the funds needed for the last phase. 

The church programs are running well. We have held seminars with several church groups including elders, youth leaders, evangelists, and worship
leaders. There has been great impact. Our evangelism team is taking the Gospel to the hospitals and prisons at least once a week. I had the opportunity to preach in the Kapoeta prison. Recently, one of those men was release from prison, and he came to church. His testimony was a great encouragement! 

Our other preaching points in Riwotoo, Katiko, Lotien, and Mogos are going very well, with many seeing record attendance. We do not have a committed evangelist in Nanyia and are praying that God will raise up the right man for this village. 

Education Program & Street Kids Ministry 

Our educational program focuses on supporting needy children from our main church in Kapoeta, as well as a few from our preaching points. We are supporting 15 students in both primary and secondary schools, including some of the street kids. 

Next year, we hope to take our educational program to our newest preaching point in Nachilakur. There is a school that has been closed down, and we are negotiating with the government education authorities to begin using the building. We are planning to recruit teachers, employ a watchman and cook so that the school can kick off when schools begin session early next year. Once the school is handed over to us, then believers and community members will also be able to use the classroom to conduct their services. We are praying for God to provide for our needs to run this school. 

reuben-and-family-0916My Family 

I thank you for your prayers for the safety of my family. My wife, Loice, and son remain in Kenya while the situation here is so dire. I thank God for the grace He has given that we could endure this situation that has forced the family to be apart for a while. 

Prayer Requests 

1. Pray for the peace in the country. 

2. Pray for our ministry especially to new places like Nachilakur. 

3. Pray for the funds needed to finish the church – approximately $17,000. 

4. Pray for the school program kicking off next year. Pray for provision for the borehole that is needed. 

5. Pray for Christmas celebration in each of our churches