A Need for Discipleship

van_7618It has become evident that the preaching of the gospel is more needed than ever before. As a ministry, we have put it at the forefront of our activities. Over the last three months, I have traveled to meet with pastors around Rwanda, with the goal of reviving the spirit of discipleship in our congregations. 

During my time of evangelism and church planting in these areas, I discovered that much emphasis is put on bringing in bigger numbers to the church, but less attention is given to them so they may become good disciples. This is not what the priority should be. We have begun training almost 40 pastors to lead discipleship classes. Each pastor will then disciple two people for six months and continue with a new group for another six months. I believe that this will take the church to another level of spiritual maturity as each of these new disciples begins to disciple others. 

River of God Church held an evangelism campaign from July 1 to August 14. A number of activities were conducted, including prayer and fasting, home visitations, and a 14-day open-air crusade followed by a discipleship class. During the crusade, 621 people made professions of faith! Here are some of the transformations: 

A woman arrived at the crusade carrying a 10-liter jerrycan full of alcohol. As the gospel was being preached, she threw the jerrycan down and ran to receive Jesus. 

van_8446A Muslim man had been mistreating his wife since she became a Christian. After several days of hearing the gospel and testimonies of those who were once Muslims, he decided to give his life to Jesus. Today, the family lives with great joy. 

A woman who had practiced witchcraft for many years lives near the crusade site. She heard the gospel while in her house through our loudspeakers and gave her life to Christ. 

There is a spirit of revival in our community. Keep praying for Pallisa that the Lord will keep the fire burning and the new converts will have the hunger and thirst for the Word as they begin discipleship classes.