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Expanding our Mission, Expanding the Kingdom


Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus! We thank God for what He has been doing in us and through us this year. We have witnessed great impact in the lives of our teams and the people in the places we are serving. So far, we have strengthened and built our teams serving in different hubs, Using The Timothy Initiative Training for church planters has blended in so well with our mission. We have witnessed multiplication of churches on a different scale. Our Timothy Initiative program started in mid-July; with 7 Pauls (trainers), who in turn recruited 79 Timothies to the program. In turn, they are discipling over 45 Tituses, and 18 fellowships and village churches have been started. We are excited about the people coming to the Lord!

We want to share with you our needs for the near future:

Addition to Kapoeta mission house

Kapoeta is the mother mission hub. There, we receive missional leaders from all our hubs for quarterly meetings, seminars, and conferences. It is sometimes difficult to host them, as there is no extra guest space. We began a project to extend the existing house to add three guest rooms, a kitchen, indoor toilet and closet, and extra storage space. Changes will also have to be made to the existing roof and ceiling to accommodate the addition. Furnishings are needed for the new rooms. The project has been partially funded, but an additional $4,950 is needed to complete it.

Infrastructure development for our hubs

Construction of simple structures is needed in three of our hubs in Toposa – Lotien, Mogos and Riwotoo. What we envision is to be able to have a simple structure which can help host local trainings, seminars, and programs customized for a particular area. So far, our localized trainings happen under trees, which is adversely affected by weather conditions. Our plan includes putting up iron poles, iron sheet roofing, and iron sheet walls. Each hub’s construction will cost $8,800.

On the same note, we wish to construct a permanent structure in Chukudum hub because of the long-term importance to the church planting efforts to the Didinga tribe. This costs $33,000.

Need for a well in Napopo – Martha Lokwale’s village

We have talked about Martha several times in the past. She is a great woman of faith who is also a leader and evangelist to her people. This village has no water source; people walk for long distances to get water. We are praying for the day her village gets a borehole. The borehole will serve over 1,000 people. The average cost for a borehole is $24,000.