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Bringing Power to Kerith


On behalf of Kerith Ministries, I would like to thank God for His continuous blessings over our ministry in Uganda through Harvesters International.

Praise Report

In the last two months, our ministry has had a tremendous success on one major project that we have been praying for over the years – electricity in our orphanage and school compound. This project is 40% under way! We hope that in the next two to three weeks the project will be completed. We shared this need with Pastor Doug during his visit a few weeks back. The Lord used you to provide for this need!

Besides Kerith Ministry, the entire village and the community leaders are very, very happy for the miracle of electric power. This will help to improve the finances of some of the people since they can start up a small business with the help of power.

As we celebrate this big project, we have two other projects that we are believing God will provide for.

Roofing of Four Classrooms

Through our model of saving and utilizing the funds we receive, we have been able to raise walls of the four classroom block that was remaining to finish the nine classroom plan. We are now left with roofing, which is always the challenging part. We need $5,900 to roof these remaining classrooms. This will provide us with enough classrooms by the beginning of the next school year which starts in January 2020. We currently have two classes that do not have a proper learning classroom.

School Toilet Facility

Since the school started, we have been sharing the pit toilet facility with the Health Center. We have been warned by the Ministry of Health several times to add toilets, but due to lack of funds, we have not been able to construct them. It is on this basis that we seek your financial support to help us provide a good, sanitary facility for our school to avoid health problems. The cost to construct a modern toilet that will serve the 300 children in the school is $1,950.