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Changing Lives Through Education


Our two schools here in India currently serve over 300 students. Our students receive education, uniforms, textbooks, exercise notebooks and stationery, all FREE of cost. They are provided with a nutritious lunch three times each month. Snacks are given as frequently as possible. Both schools have several computers. Students are taught basic computer skills, including a “Fundamentals of Computers” course and also practice drawing (utilizing Paint Brush). Our students sing and dance as children’s rhymes are shown on the computer screen.

Each school day begins with the students and staff members singing choruses and joining in Christian prayer. Bible stories are taught during Moral Sciences sessions. Several villages are being reached with the Gospel through our students.  In a few instances, our students have counseled the elders in their homes and stopped their addiction to drugs and liquor.

Nitin is from a very poor family. He was affected by polio and hardly able to get up. He became terribly depressed. His elder sister was a student of our school, and Nitin would tag along with her. He has now been our student for the past five years and is in the second grade class. He is very happy, active, and full of life. We thank the Lord for this miracle!

Area parents are very keen to enroll their daughters in our school, knowing they are totally safe here. One student, Kareena, having passed 8th grade in our school two years ago, was very keen to study further, but her parents were totally opposed. We sent for them, and after long hours of counseling, they finally agreed to allow her to continue her education.  Kareena is now in the 10th grade in a nearby school and has consistently been at the top of her class.  When you educate a girl, you educate a future mother, her family, and descendants; thus it has a ripple wave effect.

We currently have several urgent needs at our school in Kollukhedi village.
• 197 pairs of shoes and socks costing $10 each
• 197 school bags costing $10 each
• The cost to sponsor a student is $19 per month