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Building The Church


God has truly blessed the ministry of Harvesters’ partner in the D.R. Congo, the Union of Baptist Churches (UBC), led by Bishop Athanase Habimana. Currently, they coordinate 300 churches, 175 ordained pastors, and 285 evangelists working throughout the troubled eastern area of the country. Planting churches is a priority for UBC. Likewise is helping them to grow in their impact of the people in the areas they are reaching with the Gospel. Most of the congregations are very poor and many lack the resources to construct an adequate church building, especially the roof structure.

UBC has identified five congregations that each need roofing for their churches. Specifically, “iron sheets”, which is typically referred to as metal roofing or tin in the US, is used to cover the structures. Each church requires a total of 80 sheets to complete the building and increase its usefulness as people gather to worship and learn more about God’s Word. Each sheet cost an average of $9 to obtain, depending on the remoteness of the location.

The churches in need of roofing include the Muheto village church located in the Masisi territory. The church was planted in this village because most of the population had not been evangelized. Many people there believed in the false gods imposed by the culture. The church was started nine months ago and has grown extremely rapidly to include hundreds of Christians. The local believers contributed and have built the walls of the church, but it still lacks a roof. Here you see church members working on the building. A gift of $720 would provide a roof for one church. A gift of $3,600 would completely meet the need for five churches! Will you consider a gift that will allow congregations to gather with protection from the elements? Visit our website at to give.