Blessing Homeless Children in DR Congo

God is working in an exciting way to meet the needs of a group of homeless children in Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo.  In May, a team from Harvesters International visited our partner, the Union of Baptist Churches (UBC), and was truly moved by the desperate plight of the 85 children being served at the Orphan Ministry Center.  The ministry had previously utilized a building at the site; however, it was destroyed by a fire.  Since then, they have been unable to offer the same level of care.  Until recently, the UBC’s work there had been reduced to feeding the children one day per week.

Since hearing of their plight, numerous people have responded by financially supporting the efforts of Pastor Habimana, leader of the UBC, to serve these children.   As a result, much has changed for them.  The children are now fed daily, have a new building to sleep in, are enrolled in school, and receive pastoral care!  There still is more that needs to be done and additional support is being sought; however, it is quite remarkable how rapidly things have improved for the children.  All of this is done in the name of Christ and is possible because of those who continue to give.

One of the children being served is 6 year old Sasita Makila.  In March 2014, both his parents died from sickness while the family lived in a nearby refugee camp.  The family had fled their homes dsasitaue to fear of rebel groups who occupied the area.  After his parents death, Sasita had no other family members to care for him and found himself in desperate need.  Families in the area were unable to feed their own children, much less take on the responsibility of another child. Sasita soon began to experience serious health issues.   Now he is cared for at the homeless children’s center where he gets food and clothes. His health is improving.  Sasita has no idea who the generous people are who God is using to save his life, yet he is experiencing  their love in real ways on a daily basis.
Goma remains an impoverished city surrounded by hazards both natural and man-made.  War, corruption, and instability have resulted in a harsh environment for everyone, but especially for homeless, orphaned children.  A lack of local resources and a non-existent government response emphasizes the need for both practical and spiritual ministry to be extended to these children.  It costs $35 per day to provide meals to the 85 children served at the center.  Only $31.50 per month provides school fees and supplies plus a uniform for two children.  Making a real difference is not very expensive!

To help support this site, please visit, click donate and select Union of Baptist Churches, DR Congo, then designate “Homeless Children Ministry”.  Monthly sponsorships and one time gifts will help us move forward with the vision God has given for serving these children.  Feel free to contact Doug Radford ([email protected]) for more information.