Bikers For Jesus

The roads in Pokot are rough and traveling them is a lengthy and arduous process. Pastors and evangelists walk long distances daily to minister unreached people and preaching points as they continue their mission to reach those that have yet to hear the Gospel. They walk tirelessly and are focused as they minister for Jesus Christ.

Vehicles are often unavailable or undependable in reaching those deepest in the bush. The most efficient, economical, and realistic solution is bicycles but they are often not affordable for nationals.

In August, through a gift given in memory of the late Harold Stevens, Harvesters was able to purchase ten bicycles for evangelists working in the bush of West Pokot District, Kenya. Harold worked with the Zulu tribe of South Africa for 27 years and later with Harvesters. Their charge, “Harold Stevens gave his life that others may know salvation through Jesus Christ. Use these bicycles to further that mission in memory and honor of him.”

Those evangelists are very thankful and proud to have received their new bicycles. Those bikes are truly an evangelism tool and helpful in their service. A bicycle that may seem simple and unsubstantial to us makes a world of difference to a people lost and hungry for salvation and to those that labor for Christ.

Those in Pokot send their thanks and appreciation for the faithfulness and charity of such a gift. They thank God for your love and faithfulness. And God is honored in such a gift and that is why we are here.