Will You Lose Your Life For Him?

This year’s October medical/evangelism team consisted of a mix of doctors, nurses, paramedics and laypeople from Kensington church in Michigan, Callahan Baptist Church in Florida and churches from Hilton Head Island & Ohio.

The team of 20 started as strangers, but quickly became friends in Christ, working tirelessly to fulfill His mission for the Pokot. We were blessed to have Julius Murgor work with us in the field for 2 days of the mission.

Seven days of mobile medical clinics were conducted in the bush, sharing the love and hope of Christ. The Lord’s hand was truly on the team this year, as we were able to administer medications and treatment to over 2,800 people.

Most of the treatments were aimed at malaria, infection, pain management and wound care. While alleviating disease and pain is important, we must keep our focus on our true reason for using this team- to let the Pokot know of the ultimate physician and the availability of eternal life through Him.

To offer them hope.

The Pokot are living in a constant struggle to survive. Starvation, disease and death are a way of life for them. Only 1 in 5 of the children will make it to their 5th birthday, with 40 years the average life expectancy.

Their government does not offer them any aid, and POM cannot fulfill the overwhelming needs of the 1 million Pokot. Our medical efforts are small and short-lived, but sharing the love of Christ to a people who have been virtually ignored by their country speaks volumes to them of the power of our God.

Our teams act as support for the local pastors, who can then follow-up with the people we have reached, and expand their ministries.

We continually hear of the thankfulness from the African pastors, nurses, and patients for our coming to help them. We are truly blessed to be used to ease their suffering, and let them know of eternal life with God.

If you have a heart for the medical and spiritual needs of the Pokot…

If you have any type of medical background, or not!!…

If you are ready to listen to that tugging at your heart…

If you are brave enough to trust Him to take care of your worries…

then join us next October!

Share in the joy of serving the Pokot, and lose your life for Him.