When Light does not Occupy the Land, Darkness will

Harvesters International Missions has worked in the country of India for the past two years helping to assist national partners Kamlesh and Ranu. It is a privilege to promote ministry in a country in which lives more than one of every six people in the world.

Despite legislation to the contrary, India remains under a caste system where those of the lowest caste are granted no rights or privileges. Kamlesh and Ranu know that God sees all people the same and their ministry focuses on educating those of the lowest caste.

The district they live in has a population of around 14,000,000 people, with 1,135 villages. The ministry focus is a school called the Jagat Jyoti or “Light of the World”. In this spiritually dark country, this school provides an education for the low-caste children who have no way to attend a public school. Students also receive a set of clean clothes, a nutritious snack and most of all, knowledge of Jesus Christ.

By reaching out to the children, there is an opportunity to reach the parents. The Lord has blessed the Jagat Jyoti School, and many more families desire an education for their children.

The Lord has opened the door for beginning a second school in a neighboring village, an English medium school call Jeevan Jyoti, or “Light of Life”. July 1st marked the start of the new school year and the doors of the new school with 45 students. Ranu is in the process of pursuing her Bachelor of Education degree to add to her doctorate in sociology.

The Lord is blessing the ministry to these poorest of the poor children in India. Please pray for this couple as they reach out to this new group of students.

By: Sandi Roach