Transforming Camp Transformation

Summer Camp has been a vital part of our ministry to bring orphans to Christ and help them prepare for life. For over five years, we have watched local Russian churches become more involved and dedicated to the camp ministry known as “Camp Transformation”. The camp has grown to include a children’s camp, youth camp, family camp, and father and son camp, as well as special retreats. Camp counselors have built relationships with many of the orphans and stay in touch with them throughout the year. 

Outside of purchasing vouchers for orphans to attend summer camp, we have helped with several small building projects to keep the camp functioning throughout the years. We believe that now is the time for us to help in a greater way than ever before. There are two reasons why we are committed to this project. 

1. For years, we have watched the commitment of these local churches to the camp grow. Our burden has always been to get behind those in Russia who are making a difference with what God has given them! 

2. The impact the camp has had on countless orphans over the years is absolutely priceless. Hundreds of orphans have come to Christ, and many of them are now rooted in their faith. For over eight years, the camp staff has watched God completely transform these children. Last year, without our help or involvement, they prepared the camp for ten handicapped orphans. It was humbling to see the other children and mentors take these ten children under their wings for the entire week! 

We have laid out a two-year plan to upgrade two of the four buildings that comprise the camp. These major upgrades include room renovations, door and window replacement, and adding heat to two of the four buildings. We are confident that this investment will help keep the camp open, encourage others in Russia to become more involved in the camp ministry, and allow more kids to hear the Gospel and grow in their walk with the Lord. 

Please click the donate button below to help!  If you have any questions or would like further information about the capital improvement plan, please contact Jeff via email at [email protected] or via phone at 843-368-9580.