There’s Joy in the Journey

Having just returned from Kenya and planning to go back again in September, the Lord has been working on my heart in many ways. I have seen struggling and hardship, I have experienced heart-ache and I have sensed desire. Meditating on these different emotions has brought me to a new place in my walk with the Lord and my service to Him.

My desire is to serve the Lord where He wants me to be, my want is to be overseas and I find it harder each time I go to come back. My calling is to serve Him here in South Carolina through not only Harvesters, but through my church, to my Mom and to Emma. My dilemma is how to make all the pieces work together to bring glory to Him and give me peace in my soul.

The recent trip to Lomut was a great experience – I was again given the privilege of working with young people from Callahan, Florida. The group of 4 girls, 1 boy and a dynamic youth leader was wonderful. This was the first trip out of the country for the 17 year olds, and I was amazed at how well they adjusted and how open they were to share their lives, their struggles and their hopes for the future.

Our service location was a secondary school that the home church of this group had been instrumental in starting. Our work project was painting the classrooms and the dorm and evangelism as well as encouragement to the believers.

The team enjoyed their time with the children who lived around the school and a special bond was built with some of the team members and the pastor’s elder daughter, Dorcas.

The little children we loved on and held tickled and chased with a time to really be children. Many as young as 5 or 6 were toting younger siblings on their back and were the primary caretakers for these little ones, so it was wonderful to see the joy on their faces as they did simple things like blow bubbles and play jump rope.

One of the areas where the Lord convicted me the most was in the area of evangelism – an area of my life that is definitely lacking when I am in the States. We discussed as a team why it is so much easier to witness to people we do not know and may never see again than it is to witness to our family, friends and neighbors. The Lord really grew the team in boldness as we had one incredible evangelism afternoon in East Pokot.

The team arrived at a church plant in Nyangaita – a small two room hut with about 30 of us crammed inside. As we questioned the leadership it was evident that they were starved for discipleship and only have one Bible for the entire church. We were able to share with them how to use the Evange-Cube since many of the older people in the area did not read. We were able to leave the elders with pocket Evange-Cubes and they were thrilled to have this new tool available to them. We took a short walk across a bridge that separated East and West Pokot and walked to a market on the East side. It was a bustling place with about 150 people in traditional Pokot attire.

The Lord instantly told me that this was the place to do one of the dramas that the team had been practicing. When I told the team to move into a open space in the center of the market to do the skit they looked at me like I was from the moon, but the pastor started clearing the area and telling people to gather around and soon the team realized this was a divine appointment. It was our best day of evangelism and there were about 6 sincere commitments to the Lord, though after the pastors encouragement many more raised their hands, but some of those were about 6 sincere commitments to the Lord, though after the pastors encouragement many more raised their hands, but some of those were the people from the church who had come with us.