The Power of One

q7zf_IMG1639_1Greetings from South Carolina, and on behalf of our dear ministry friends in Vladivostok Russia. Joye & I are preparing for a trip to Russia in October. We look forward to ministering with the National team, visiting with the kids and planning for the future.

This year we are thankful to God to report that we (with your help) we were able to send 78 orphans to summer camp! For ten days these children had the opportunity to be around a group of believers that poured their time & energy into them. It is encouraging to see how these children change and show a sincere heart for God. Many of them are growing into strong Christians. They are all given a Bible that they take back to the orphanages with them. The director of one orphanage made the kids lock their Bibles up in the storage room, but the kids were determined and did get them back. They read them faithfully and are always glad when a mentor can visit them.

Does President Putins decision to ban adoptions to American couples affects our ministry in Russia? The answer is that it makes the need for HFL homes in Russia more of a need that ever before. The tragedy is that his decision has lasting implications on the orphans living in a government orphanage that are denied a chance to live with a family that is eager to love them as their own. These children will most likely spend their childhood and teen years living in an government orphanage with little chance of hearing the Gospel. Statistics show that 90% of them will be lost to drugs, suicide, and social isolation when they “graduate” from the system.
James tells us that true religion is to care for the orphans in their time of need. Now is their time of need! One Russian couple can make a significant difference in the life of a orphan. Just as the sponsors, donors, and prayer partners of the HFL ministry are making a significant difference. The Russian orphan is unlikely to be rescued by its government or an American couple. Their hope is a sovereign God who knows them by name!
We are asking you to join us in prayer for the Russian orphan. Pray that God would give us wisdom and direction as we equip Christian couples in Russia to care for these precious children. The impact of praying & supporting a Russian couple to reach orphans is the greatest method available! The fields are white unto harvest, and by Gods grace we are trusting that we will be able to reach many more for Christ.
Current needs — $3,000.00 for our trip in october. HFL Homes monthly support. A one time gift or a monthyl pledge would be greatly appreciated!