The Joys of Sponsorship-by Peg Ohman

Every morning I wake up thinking about the Pokot children.  I wonder what their day has already brought them (by the time I’m waking up their day is half over).  I pray that they are healthy, that they have what they need to sustain them.  More importantly, I pray that they know they are loved by God and by someone on the other side of the world.  I pray specifically for my girls, Chepkite and Sharon – two girls who have stolen my heart.  I have sponsored these two girls for the last 3 years.  I’ve grown to love them as we exchange letters and get to know each other.  I’ve had the privilege of spending time with them.  What gives me so much peace is that I know that they are being well cared for and loved by the managers and pastors of each home.

prgOne of the managers is Peter Lodiomuk.  I first met Peter in 2010.  He is a soft-spoken, kind man who loves the Lord with all his heart and loves the children.  I’ve never seen him without a beautiful smile on his face.  He knows the children – something that gives me so much confidence in how my two girls are being cared for.  The responsibilities of the managers seems overwhelming to me, yet they get up every morning and take care of these precious children.  Their desire is that every child in their care will know Christ. They are truly the hands and feet of Jesus.  What more could I ask for my girls?  With confidence, you too, can sponsor a child.  There are 124 children waiting for someone not only to financially support them but to pray and care for them.  Would you prayerfully consider sponsoring a child? You can do so by going to  and choose a child that will steal your heart as Chepkite and Sharon have stolen mine.