TAWL July Update

“…. so that I may finish my race with joy, and the ministry which I received from the Lord Jesus…” Acts 20:24.

Greetings to you all our big family members overseas, Mercy my wife and Don Jr send their love to you all. God has given us life and we are all doing great. We appreciate you all so much for loving us and believing in our calling in this community. You have made us believe that He surly called us. Joy comes from seeing the complete fulfillment of the specific Purpose for which I was created and called for in Christ Jesus. June is past and July is also moving so fast, we are grateful to God that He has continued to be gracious to us as a ministry. Paul speaks about Grace and Faith; we have enjoyed every bit of it.

Kerith Children’s Home

One year ago Karim was picked with is brother Abed in one of the slums here, at 3 yrs Karim could not walk and sit by himself nearly to death, today he is lively, health, loves the Lord he is one of my Energizers, next is Jamal who had Tuberculosis but after treatment is now free from T.B, next week he will undergo a surgery on his foot next Tuesday, this is very expensive for us but the God who called us to do this he will provide. Please keep him in prayers. All other Children are doing well expect the food shortage that our community and the country is undergoing, we now buy a 100kg of maize flour at $110 dollars. This has made us begin to trust God to buy land for faming and now we are looking at 2 acres which will cost us $ 4,000.

River of God Christian Academy

ugandfeedingchildrenEarly this month we received a Family of 5 from the U.S.A. They blessed our people by doing bible Clubs, Women and Widows meetings, feeding school Children and starving families and even in the construction of our first permanent Class room.

They raised the money to start 2 class rooms, which are now at wall height, but the funds are exhausted. We have set goals of how we shall build the Eight Class rooms; we shall be building two classes at a time. The two classes above need $2,640 Dollars to be completed. To finish the remainder of the school will take about $29,100, and we believe God will finish it and that many non-schooled children will begin to access school. The volunteers will send us the plan for every one to see and pray about. We also continue to trust God for the expansion of our Ministry land in order to be able to construct our school and dormitory buildings.

River of God Church

All things work together for good to those who love and trust the Lord” these have been our words since last week when our Church roof was put down by a heavy storm, surprisingly on Sunday when the members saw it many where touched and with their ability we have been able to raise $56 dollars so far, though this is a hardest time of the year. I believe soon our room will be useable again until we shall be in our permanent structure. (HIM was able to send the balance of the funds for the roof repair).


Our greatest goal is to reach out to the Lost by training indigenous pastors and empowering them. Pastor James from Kabole village is one of the many pastors that serve God under challenging circumstances, but despite all that, Pastor James travels from village to village sharing Jesus. He has 11 children and is now overseeing 2 Churches. For years he has been trusting God for a bicycle to ease his movements, Today he was shocked when he received a new bicycle from To Africa With Love Ministry. This wouldn’t have been possible without the support of Harvesters International Ministry, which has endeavored to support our ministry here in Uganda and become a channel of blessings to other growing Churches. $65 dollars can help a village pastor to extend the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ with a bicycle.

We thank God for our old 4WD which is now in Dangerous Mechanical Condition. It was donated by one Missionary who is based here in Uganda and we are glad to let you know that it serves as a multipurpose vehicle in our ministry – it helps with collecting fire wood for the school and orphanage, it drives to 8 villages in a week, it is also used as an ambulance for critical patients in the community. It helps us to find water during dry seasons and every time I drive it I can’t tell what will happen next. We therefore send out a cry for a better means of transportation that will help us to be more self-sufficient in our services. A good 4WD Toyota Van will cost us $16000 Dollars.

Up Coming Events:

  1. Medical Team/ Children Workers from U.S.A – 1st to 5th Aug 2011
  2. Evangelism Campaign phase 2 – 7th –Aug to 11th Sep 2011 and
  3. Bible School 7th Semester – 15th to 27th Aug 2011
  4. Samuel and Mercy expects a New Baby Aug 2011

Prayer Concerns:

  1. Pray for Mercy so she can have a normal delivery.
  2. Continue to pray for us that we may continue to stay in the center of Gods will.
  3. Pray for Jamal’s surgery next week.
  4. Pray for a financial break through for all our Projects.

i. Completion of two class room broke. $ 2640 dollars

ii. Farm land 2 acres $4000 dollars

iii. Extension of Ministry land 100 Fit wide by 240 fit long $6000 Dollars

iv. Ministry Vehicle 4WD Toyota Van – $16000 Dollars.

v. Shallow Well with a hand pump – $800 Dollars.

“Commit your ways to God and He will direct your path”

Thank you so much for taking your time to read, Pray and supporting the work of God, may he continue to meet your heart desires.

Pastor Samuel Mwesigwa.