A New Way To Give

Making the most of what you have is always important. It’s part of being a good steward of the resources God has allowed us to manage.

To help our supporters increase the good that is accomplished by their gifts, Harvesters International Ministries has established the Harvesters Impact Fund. This giving option was created to provide supporters an easy way to take advantage of the tax benefits of donating appreciated stocks, mutual funds, real estate, and even business interest. Trust funds and annuities can be arranged as well. Using these assets as charitable gifts to Harvesters results in avoiding the capital gains that occur if they are sold by the owner. You receive the charitable tax deduction of the full value of the asset, without the tax liability of a capital gain. This strategy results in a greater investment in effective ministry.

Good management yields good results. Utilizing the Harvesters Impact Fund results in more churches being planted, more clean water being available, more orphans being cared for, along with all the other impacts of Harvesters’ work in Africa and Asia. Supporters who use the Harvesters Impact Fund still have the ability to direct where and how their gifts are used by our ministry partners.

Harvesters has chosen the National Christian Foundation to host the Harvesters Impact Fund. Their extensive experience, reliability, and solid reputation make them a great part of our team. We know that God will use their work to expand our efforts to touch lives.

If you would like to learn more or are interested in donating an asset to further the work of Harvesters, please contact Doug Radford at 252-230-9742 or via email at doug@harvesters.net. We look forward to sharing with you about this great stewardship giving tool!

Good Samaritan

We praise God for all of His provision! We continue to serve the children of our community and trust that God will bless our work.

Each year, we give our 195 students a new sweater, socks, and shoes for Christmas. For many, this will be the only new clothing items they have. The cost per student is $13.50 for a total of $2,632.50.

Happy in their new sweaters!

There is a long waiting list of 120 students to enter the Kollukhedi Village School. Only $19 per month will provide each student with an education, uniforms, and text books. These children are a great asset to our ministry for the present and the future. Through them, we get to meet the parents and grandparents at our monthly Parent – Teacher meeting. We are able to reach many in the village with Christ’s love through teaching these children.

In 2005, your donations provided a four-wheeler for our ministry. After so many years, it required frequent costly repairs. Thus, a new four-wheeler has become an urgent need. The cost to replace this vehicle is $12,900.

Thank you for your prayers and support as we continue to show the love of Christ to our students and their families!