Omega Ministry

We are thankful for the dedication and courage of our Pakistani partner, Omega Ministry, who continues to share the Gospel amidst threats of violence. Recently they held a seminar for pastors and church members to specifically encourage them. Over 250 people attended this special session.

Please pray for them as they hold three crusades in different cities in late November and early December. These meetings are intended to both encourage believers and reach those who have not accepted Christ.

Ongoing needs for the Pakistani pastors include monthly support and motorcycles. Having transportation is of vital importance for pastors to be able to effectively reach more people. They typically minister in multiple areas and moving from place to place can be challenging. Currently, it costs $2,200 to provide a motorcycle to a Pakistani pastor. Beyond transportation, monthly support is also important so that pastors can focus on teaching and preaching. Most serve in very poor areas and are unable to gather adequate support from local congregations. Depending on the situation $50 to $100 per month can make a great difference in the life of a pastor and their family.

Sion Assembly Ministry

Thank you for your continued support of our ministry.

At present, we have 45 children living in our orphan home. We are looking forward to starting a school that will also allow children in the slums to attend alongside the orphans. We have raised some funds for this project, but still need $4,000. These funds will enable us to start the school and continue through the end of the next academic year. The funds will provide for paying teachers and staff, as well as the purchase of benches, desks, and white boards.

Providing activities for the children in the SAC Orphan Home and the community is a huge priority for our ministry. Several years ago, we constructed a playground. The swings, slides, and basketball goal need to be replaced or repaired. We would like to provide two televisions for the children to be able to watch Christian cartoons and movies, as well as our SAC broadcast. Our sewing machines are also in need of repair. These machines are used by the children and are also available to people in the village who wish to learn how to sew. The combined costs of this project are approximately $2,200.

As pastor and leader of SAC, I am often traveling between ministry locations. In order to continue our Skype services broadcast, I have given my laptop to the church for use when I am traveling. I am in need of a new laptop so that I am able to continue to work while traveling. The cost is $1,200. Thank you for considering our needs. We are grateful for your partnership!

Seira Community Ministry

God continues to bless the church in Rwanda! Recently constructed churches are now filled with both people and songs of praise. A team recently visited the Seira Community Churches, our partner there, and participated in three special services where a total of 47 people were baptized, including this excited young lady.

As previously reported, literally thousands of churches have been forced to close in Rwanda due to new government regulations that dictate stringent building standards. One by one, we are rebuilding churches as God’s people provide the funding. Currently, we have several locations where the property is ready for construction. A gift of $500, $1,000, or more towards church construction will help us to continue moving forward with the Gospel.

Another way to help in Rwanda is by providing a goat to a needy family. Goats provide milk and eventually income to help sustain and encourage a whole household. A gift of $50 will purchase a goat and help change a family’s future for the better.

Union of Baptist Churches

Harvesters’ partner in the D.R. Congo continues to grow their ministry and impact lives there through church planting, training pastors and leaders, educating children, assisting widows, and providing orphan care. Recently, a team from the United States spent several days in Goma conducting sessions for pastors, leaders, women, and children. Everyone was blessed by how God used the time to encourage both the team and the Congolese people involved. It is impressive to experience the joy that is present among God’s people who live in such a difficult place.

In our recent newsletters, we’ve described several efforts to strengthen the Congolese churches and open doors of evangelism through efforts to meet material needs. Ongoing, there are continued opportunities to bless people and communities in special ways. Our partner there is praying for funding to install a second water storage tank to serve widows in Kibumba, typically referred to as “the widow’s village”. The tank, which costs $2,400 to build, is used to capture rainwater that is stored for later use during the dry season. This project “pays for itself” since it reduces the amount of water that the women must purchase to sustain their families when the rainfall stops for several months each year.

As with widows, the orphans of the D.R. Congo also have pressing needs. At our “Orphan’s Framing Center” there, $500 will provide 1,000 meals, and $200 will cover the annual cost of education and needed uniforms for one child.

Thank you for your willingness to be part of what God is doing in D.R. Congo!

Good Samaritan

We praise God for all of His provision! We continue to serve the children of our community and trust that God will bless our work.

Each year, we give our 195 students a new sweater, socks, and shoes for Christmas. For many, this will be the only new clothing items they have. The cost per student is $13.50 for a total of $2,632.50.

Happy in their new sweaters!

There is a long waiting list of 120 students to enter the Kollukhedi Village School. Only $19 per month will provide each student with an education, uniforms, and text books. These children are a great asset to our ministry for the present and the future. Through them, we get to meet the parents and grandparents at our monthly Parent – Teacher meeting. We are able to reach many in the village with Christ’s love through teaching these children.

In 2005, your donations provided a four-wheeler for our ministry. After so many years, it required frequent costly repairs. Thus, a new four-wheeler has become an urgent need. The cost to replace this vehicle is $12,900.

Thank you for your prayers and support as we continue to show the love of Christ to our students and their families!