Silent Saints

About ten years ago Harold Stevens and I arrived in Nairobi Kenya to explore the possibilities of finding someone to drill water wells to start the mission station project for the Pokot Tribe of western Kenya.

The first thing that we had to do was find an inexpensive place to stay and after looking at a couple of faith-based guest houses the Lord led us to the Methodist Guest House (MGH) in Nairobi. The second major task was to drive and find our own way around the chaotic city of Nairobi, me driving a right hand drive standard shift vehicle and Harold navigating. A prescription for disaster!!

We set out the first day and visited a couple of faith-based agencies and a couple of private drilling companies. At the end of the day we returned to the Methodist Guest House very discouraged in what we had found out concerning the high cost of drilling for water.

While standing at the reception desk of the MGH, Harold suggested that I place a telephone call back to the U.S. asking that the supporting churches pray for us and the need at hand. After completing the phone call and explaining to Harold the conversation I just had, a well dressed African man appeared and introduced himself as Godfrey Kibua, the General Manager of the MGH, and asking what we were in Kenya for. That divine appointment began a wonderful relationship between us (Harold, Pastor Julius Murgor and me) that only the Lord could orchestrate.

After sharing our troubled hearts that evening with Godfrey and what we were there for, Godfrey told us that not only did he know a man who had a drilling rig and transport truck for sale in Kenya but the man was on his way to the Guest House that night and we would meet and talk with him.

Since that day the Lord has worked many miraculously things in and through the relationship of Harvesters International Missions, the Pokot Outreach Ministry and Mr. Godfrey Kibua. He has continued to assist in every way possible and every step of the way.

Godfrey, his wife Patricia and the MGH staff have assisted every team that has come from the US making us feel like not only family but loved family! Godfrey has truly been and continues to be one of those “silent saints”, standing in the gap. Just ask anyone who has met them!!!

Godfrey’s job is as the Guest House manager. His mission has been to assist those in need with the skills and abilities that God has given him. Both he and Patricia are active in the leadership of their church and Godfrey serves as the chairman of several significant organizations in and around Nairobi.

He does all that he does without regard for recognition or want of reciprocity. He does it out of humbleness and a genuine desire to help.

Harvesters and POM are extremely grateful to Godfrey and all of the other individuals that God has brought into the ministry.