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Project Hope 127


Child Sponsorships Enriching Lives of Children

We are very thankful for how remarkably well our children continue to do, even during challenging times. Sponsors can be certain that their prayers and gifts result in many blessings. In the D.R. Congo, our orphans and staff have remained under a tight lockdown since March 23rd. To reduce the risk of the children being exposed to the virus, their caretakers rarely left the area where they are housed. We are thankful the situation improved in late July and the limitations of the lockdown were eased. We pray that will remain the case.

Likewise, in Uganda, a rigid lockdown was implemented by the government. Harvesters’ donors provided support to purchase four computers and a television so that the children could take advantage of educational programming that was made available. The children have been helping tend the garden and staying engaged with other activities at the compound. The Project Hope 127 children in Myanmar have been impacted, much like children in the U.S., being primarily confined to home with limited activity.

We deeply appreciate those who daily provide compassionate care for the children served by Project Hope 127. Likewise, our gratitude for each of the sponsors who support this work is heartfelt as we recognize the impact of everyone working together to express the love of Christ to children in Africa and Asia.

Project Hope 127 is our child sponsorship organization created as an expression of James 1:27, which calls us to care for orphans. To learn more about sponsorship, visit the Project Hope website –