Pokot Update – June 2009

Dear Prayer Partners
Greetings to you in the Name of our Lord.

We are doing fine with Rachel doing fine with her bible studies with the village woman on Saturdays and Tuesdays. The one on the weekends stays busy and well attended.

Josephine now 15 is growing to be a very responsible girl. We read comments from her teachers like she is a hard worker, disciplined, focused, teachable, responsible and many other positive comments. She just got her admission letter to attend Oakland Christian Academy in Detroit Michigan for a year.

A couple, Mr. & Mrs Shomer are so generous to home and finance Josephine’s education in the tenth grade. This will be a huge experience for her and joyfully looks forward to it. She will go in August to start school on August 24th.

Rebecca our second born is doing fine having recovered from chicken pox a week ago. She does very well academically in school and well liked. Both girls love the Lord and sing in a school group choir.

Miriam 8 years goes to R.V.A. Monday the 22 to attend entrance interview and exam so she can join her two sisters there.

Miriam and Jared get along well while the two older girls are away in boarding school, then sides take place as soon as the two older girls come home.

 Church Planting and Evangelism

God continues to give us strength to keep being focused and pushing on to the new frontiers. The new gospel target is Masol area north east and west of Lomut. This area is among those remaining yet to be reached with the gospel in our target.

There are challenges in these areas however just similar to the ones we are facing in Uganda. Taboos, animal sacrifices, elders dictatorial orders, persecution on our people and oppressive tribal prophets, ungodly directives among many are very strong challenges.

Some of the new congregations born spiritually in the middle of all the challenges include (Marich, Seker, Sirwack among many).

Pray that God will keep us focused and strong enough to face the challenges.


Our third orphanage, Chemolingot, is being finished and nearly ready to receive the kids that have been staying temporarily with people within the neighborhood while the dorms are getting ready. The final stages now are the toilet facilities, but the government paper preparations are very slow and bureaucratic, so much that it is really requiring a lot of prayer and patience. The other two older orphanages are going on well.

We are faced however with invasion of village children who are facing starvation in the villages. We do not know how to turn them away from the Institutions while we know for sure that they are facing death in the villages because of shortage of food which 3 million Kenyans are in desperate need of.

We are also faced with a challenge of being able to provide food for 350 kids every day in a starving nation. Just as I was writing this letter, several people have been reported to have starved to death including a young mother who just delivered twins and all three died.

Kodich Orphanage has been hit by shortage of water after the only source of water a borehole collapsed and caved in.

Urgently pray that God will intervene so we can drill another because the old one is not repairable.

Water Drilling

I have shared with some of you that as a member of parliament, I was able to free the new drilling machine from $110,000 that we would have paid for import duty.

This equipment is doing wonders in Pokot. The only hindrance or reasons for delay is the financial support the $21000 a hole and the other big problem is cutting roads to the specific spot to be drilled.

The new machine is long, high up and very heavy. So we ran into low laggers and high banks of dry rivers that make the hind of the truck hit the ground and rear wheels hang up.

But God is good, a church in Michigan gave us money for 10 holes and we have just finished drilling the fifth one. You cannot imagine and express the joy of the people on paper. There were celebrations after another as “God visited their villages.” May God continually bless you.

Please pray:

  • That God will intervene for Josephine’s traveling papers and also for Miriam’s admission into the boarding school.
  • That God will protect our people on the front line with the gospel and grow the new ones.
  • That God will provide the $6000 we need a month to feed and keep the orphans.
  • That God will continue to provide so we will keep drilling and provide water. We need $21000 a hole.

Sincerely Yours In Christ