Pokot Outreach Ministry Update

Dear Prayer Partners,

Greetings from Pokot.

Our family is fine and are now on one side of the continent and country.

Josephine our daughter arrived on June 11 and has been in Nairobi visiting her two sisters in R.V.A. Boarding School.  She just left today for Pokot.  Jared and my wife Rachel have been looking forward to being with her.

I just visited Rebecca and Miriam in Boarding School two days ago and they are doing fine.  I just got their school progress report and Miriam has really improved in her school work.

Josephine is busy applying to Colleges online.  Please pray for wisdom in making choices as we as parents give advice.

Church Planting and Evangelism

Our congregations in Uganda are recovering from the disturbances of Uganda elections in February.

Churches in Naparakocha, Karita, Kanaranyon are now stable and refocusing on their usual habit of evangelizing their neighbors.

Reuben Meriakol and Peter Ngoleruk are busy tending the new churches to the next level of being disciple makers.

theclassroomswiththeblownoffrooftops1Lomut School was hit by a strong wind and a classroom and dining hall had their roofs blown off and the iron sheets torn and completely destroyed.

Lomut is a school that is a spiritual and academic centre for some of our orphans.

The school kids now learn under difficult circumstances and eat in the open.  Please pray that God will provide $30,000 to replace the destroyed roofs.

From East Pokot, Pastor Job’s health continues to improve from high blood pressure.  He gets sick however after riding his motor bike over the mountains to Chemolingot, Nyakwala etc.

Yusuf’s side of the valley is fine, with drought generally biting here and there.

Both pastors are pushing Northwards to Silale Hills, Akoret, Angoromot with the gospel.  These areas are hearing the gospel for the first time.

Like Uganda, elder rule, witchcraft and tribal prophets are very strong and every day challenge to the gospel.

Cherangan Mission Station is on progress and will be ready to be roofed in two or three weeks.  The people are really happy in this village where a waterwell with clean water is a convenience for them.

The medical clinic is soon going to be finished and will be in use.

After Cherangan, our next mission station in proposal will be Mbaru.

Mbaru is a place north of Kauriong Orphanage.  It is still a place out of reach and exposure.  Water and health needs are great.  We are trying to reach it with the gospel, but with great needs physically, it is not easy to settle and hear the gospel.


Chemolingot our new orphanage has a new school! When we started the home, all our kids went to the public school nearby.  We have been praying and hoping that we someday would have a school for our kids at least for the little ones.  The government gave us a green light to start a school for the orphans which we got iron sheets walls and roofs and a government teacher was posted to us and we are thankful to God.

It is all joy in Kauriong Orphanage after a successful borehole.  They are now away from crowded borehole, pushing and pulling in the previous water well and can wash clothes and bathe because they have plenty of water.

Kodich Orphanage continues to perform in art and academically.  God has been good to us in that the kids are not very sick around this time.  Malaria usually is high in May to July.  Continue to pray for another dorm for Kodich.

Water Drilling

We had great success in getting water in Kauriong Orphanage.  Shortage of water in the area was such a problem so much that the community drawing water for their animals had to be a priority.  That made it difficult for the Orphan children because they had no washing water and sometimes got little water for cooking. The amount of water is too in the new hole is a lot.

We are thankful to God for the provision made and also the availability of water.

The Goat Project too was a success.  We got plenty of water and are now in the process of completing the shades and fence around the compound.

Continue to pray for God’s provision on water.  As drought continues to be frequent, boreholes become urgently needed.

Please pray for :

  • Wisdom as Josephine chooses a College.
  • God’s provision to replace Lomut School roof ($ 30,000)
  • Safety as our men continue pushing to the frontiers with the gospel.
  • The provision of God for a dorm at Kodich Orphanage.
  • That God will continue to meet the need for water as we drill boreholes.

Sincerely Yours In His Bonds,

Julius Murgor