Pokot Outreach Ministry Update

Greetings from all of us in Kenya!


We need prayers in East Pokot especially filling up where pastor Job Rutto left. His absence is a big hole to fill.  Pray that God will bring us a preacher for Chepturu and many other new places.  The preachers from the west have offered to make frequent visits to help them. Miriam, Job’s wife, and the kids are doing fine apart from loneliness for her and being all alone in parenting.

The churches are doing well where we have boreholes and a good settlement, while we are facing challenges with people relocating where there is no reliable source of water.

We continue to push with preaching of the gospel to areas like Lotongot, Akitiamet, and Amaler in the northern part between the East and West.

The 23 churches so far established in Uganda are going great. This area remains relatively peaceful hence giving us a good base to present the gospel. We have seven men undergoing trainings to be pastors from the area.


pokot water    Moving stories of miscarriages, Typhoid sickness, bee stings, stresses in looking for water, and carrying it after finding are tales we hear told by the
people whenever we are establishing borehole committees.  As we go from village to village hearing these testimonies, we see a lot of joy and hope in God’s provision for water.  Borehole water completely eliminates waterborne diseases and we have seen a lot of healthiness after a borehole has been installed.

As village settles it is so encouraging to see how they embrace the gospel and many other places are so happy and joyful to have clean water, Cheponyoryo in Chemarel could not hide her joy when she said that she never thought she would see water in the desert of Chemarel.

We thank God for gifts and sacrifice made by people for the water that now goes hand in hand with the gospel and church planting.


Kodich orphanage excelled again in the national music festival.  They topped in western Kenya and became second in Kenya overall.  They also did well in the Kenya national examination and a good number of them are now in high schools. We prayerfully hope that more will pass the national exam in November.

Kauriong has not been a good performer of either the academics or the social activities.  We have had to change the headmaster and now have a new pastor.  We are seeing good signs now, and the school kids have a choir that sings in the church. The Pastor has started discipleship steps for the kids and also devotion time for the orphanage community.  He and Luke have cultivated a good relationship with the teachers, which has really harmonized everybody.


We continue to touch lives through the services we give through medicine. Some of you may have had the opportunity to come over on one of the medical trips.  The facts about a medical trip is that people see and perceive love from the person giving the service, then God’s love in the willingness of the individual to come over and give the service.  Every time a medical team comes there is restoration of health in such a way that it really touches the people.

In November we shall start mobile clinic to villages. We had temporarily stopped because of transportation shortage.  We are hoping and praying for God’s intervention for need for another vehicle.


Rebecca Chebet has very successfully headed our fight against circumcision of girls.  For those of you that don’t know the pain that Pokot girls go through, it is very brutal. A Pokot girl must be circumcised at the age of 12-15.  The crusade is on and local leaders have complemented us for facing it head on. I have personally confronted leaders and have been complemented in meetings for bold speaking against this practice.

On U.S. side we thank Jen Todd of Kensington Community Church in Michigan for standing with us and raising the funds we need in fighting this inhumane practice against girls and women.

December is coming and we will have a youth conference that we shall have about 2,500 young people coming to hear the word of God.


• For Reuben in South Sudan, for the peace of that country

• Loice’s pregnancy and child birth to be safe

• For the work in Uganda to be rooted in the word even as it spreads like wildfire

• For safety for our Pastors as they face the spiritual battle so they will be safe yet bold.

• Pray for our children so that they can be wise in making choices