Pokot Outreach Ministry Update

Dear prayer partners,

Greetings in the good name of our Lord,

We have enjoyed having Josephine home on summer break. She will transfer from Rochester College to Drexel University in Philadelphia. Rebecca, our second born daughter, will visit a couple in Hickory, NC where she may be homed while she goes to school there. We thank God for this goodness to us as a family.

Miriam and Jumboy are doing well. Jumboy whose favorite sport dreams that he will someday play in Chelsea, soccer club in England.

My wife Rachel is learning to cope without the kids until they return home every April, August and December. I need transportation; pray that God will provide for me to buy a used Toyota. I am facing a lot of challenges moving around for the work.


The rain that has been pouring since January has subsided and has actually stopped completely causing a lot of worries as to whether drought is eminent ,that being the case, our church planting efforts are also altered because we will surely be disturbed here and there east Pokot is already hard hit and movements are starting.

Talking with Pastor Yusuf, the pastors are already concerned among the 30 churches in Chemolingot area. We had a wonderful fellowship with pastors from Sigor with a team from Heritage church in Michigan.

They taught the Pastors on livelihood and healthiness of the church which will reach to her neighbors and to the world according to scripture. Now our Pastors zeal is renewed and are ready to reach out to areas like Kamanaw, Akiriamet and Nyangaita just to mention a few.

The Karamoja, Sabiny and Pokot of Ugand,a who have been many enemies over the years are really opening up to the gospel. To be able to penetrate into this area, there is need to hold more meetings to calm down the tribes in order to preach of the gospel.

A few weeks ago, more than 1,000 people from 11 participating churches gathered in Uganda to worship together. Talks will continue in September, October, and November and we are praying that God will meet the financial need for $3000 a month for this outreach and for the gospel to gain.


Pastor Reuben Meriakol and his wife, Loice, are preparing to depart for South Sudan. They are making progress on their house and are preparing to receive their first group in mid-September. We hope to reach Toposa one million; Boya 200,000, Dielinga 800,000, Jie 200,000, Nyangatom 300,000 and all of these 2.5 Million are unreached.


Chemolingot orphanage is going on well. The kids are enjoying teaching of the word of God in the children Sunday school, among the 400 kids Sunday schools around Chemolingot. We have just completed the gravity water from tap too the tank down to the dining hall to make it easy for the kids.

Kodich is adjusting to a new headmaster and recently won second place in the national music competition. We thank God for the children in colleges and universities because they are such an example to the young kids and a hope for us in the homes in many ways. It is an ongoing challenge to pay school fees for these children, but we are thankful that God has allowed us to invest in their futures.

Kauriong is developing into an Eden in this area due to the fence around the compound that is keeping out the animals and providing security for the children. A water system has also recently been installed that takes water to all of the buildings and will eventually irrigate a small garden.


Praise the Lord that we have been able to drill 20 wells already this year. We are so thankful for the provision and the involvement of so many people through the Hope Water Project in Michigan. We are praying for safety and good results for those running in the Detroit Marathon to provide water for the Pokot.

Thank you for your faithful support of the ministry in Pokot. We are so blessed to be partnered with you in ministry.