Pokot Outreach Ministry-December Update

Dear Prayer Partners, Greetings to you in the precious name of our Lord.

We hope that our letter finds you well and that December season will be a good one for you this year.

For us, we are doing fine as a family. Josephine is doing well and going on with her studies in Oakland Christian in MI. The Erickson’s have given her a basement room to herself. We thank God for the Erickson’s kindness in sharing their home with our daughter and we are also grateful to a Bible study group in Kensington Church for helping to pay Josephine’s fees.

Rebecca and Miriam have gone home for December break. Jumboy is happy to have company and playmates. He has two more years before going to boarding school. So his mom will not be lonely, he offered to take her to Boarding school when his time comes to go.

December for Rachel is usually very busy and filled up with meetings and fellowships.

Church Planting and Evangelism

The December month has a lot of different eventful activities to different people. For our people who are animists and tribal it just means nothing because they have no knowledge of the person Jesus Christ. Our prayer, over the years has been that God enables us to make this month and time have a meaning to them. To be able to do that, we have feasts here and there that bring people together and we teach them about the meaning of Christmas and the person of Christmas.

Yearly Youth Conference is another gathering that we bring Pokot young people together for a week to teach them about Jesus. This year’s youth conference brought together 700 young people from various parts of Pokot land. About 90 of them came forward to receive Jesus.

As the year ends, there is happiness and settlement because there is pasture and water available. Rain has been plenty this year and people had a good harvest across the land. This will really enhance the discipleship efforts we are making. Pastor Reuben is having abundance of fruit out of the October medical team that worked along Kenya-Uganda border. As he visits the villages, the hearts of the villagers are really softened and are ready to hear the Jesus that made medical provision last October.

Pastor Peter Siwa of Turkwel has been praying to be able to take the gospel to Korokou Mountain. This prayer has been answered and there are 3 new congregations that regularly meet now.


As the year winds up, we thank God for provisions made this year. We have been able to buy clothing, repair beds and make new ones for the children, replace some of the equipments in the kitchen, dorms etc.

Health in the homes have also been good. We however lost one child who was involved in a road accident when a vehicle he was traveling in rolled down hill killing him instantly.

The academic and social performance of the Children in the Society also is very good and well received.

Kodich children performed in District, Provincial and National levels in music and drama. So we are very thankful to God for those of you that have so sacrificially given particularly Kennsington Community Church and some others.

It is our prayer that we have a new year that will be filled up with joy.

Water Drilling

We did very well this year providing water for our thirsty people. While counting our blessings for this year, we are at the same time looking prayerfully into next year for God to provide so we can continue to drill and provide water. We still have a lot of areas that are largely without water and your prayers are needed.

Health in places like Rukey, Chermuluncho, Kokwokales and others have really improved and there is a lot of testimony to that extent. That is to say that water is really a very important element in our ministry. Waterfall project is finished. What is left now is the farm activities that need Israeli organic experts for organic farming and also the pipes money for the actual farm work.

It is a project that a lot of people look forward to its outcome for food security.

May God bless you and give you a merry Christmas and a happy 2011.

Pray for:

  • Pastor Reuben in new “battle ground”
  • Also pray for Pastor Peter in the mountains
  • Pray for the young people who came to the Lord and are facing Challenges in the village.
  • Pray that God will provide for water drilling in the new year.
  • The waterfall farm work need for pipes and hosepipes for irrigation.

Sincerely yours in His bonds
Julius Murgor