Persecuted for Helping Others

We recently received a report from our ministry partners in India that really shocked me. This couple is meeting the educational needs of children who would not be permitted to attend school because they are from the untouchable caste and are too poor to be able to purchase uniforms or pay tuition.

The Jagat Jyoti School serves about 120 of these children in two small rooms and now has been told that they need to place ramps for the handicapped at the building. The law has been on the books but has never been enforced and is currently not enforced for any of the government run schools or any of the Universities. It is speculated that this isolated enforcement is because it is a Christian School.

The school is in the process of raising funds for expansion, but now there is persecution in this area as well. There have been challenges made to the boundaries of the land. These have never been contested in the past, but again, the Christian influence on the children is bringing attacks from the predominantly Hindu population.

Kamlesh and Ranu are strong in their faith, and although they have received numerous attacks, they persevere. They stand on God’s promises of Romans 8:37 that they are more than conquerors through Him who loved them. Reaching hundreds of millions of Hindus is not a challenge for the faint of heart, but Ranu has been leading Hindus to Christ since she was a young child and together with her husband Kamlesh, they stand firm in their calling to share the Gospel among the lost people of India even under the discrimination and persecution that they face in little things and big things on a daily basis.

We know that they are making a difference in the lives of the Cobra children that they have reached out to. The teachers that are working with them are making many sacrifices – lower pay, poor conditions and no benefits, but they too have a heart for those who will fall by the wayside and continue to be shunned by the rest of society without an education. They are serving the Lord continually; in as much as they reach out to one of the least of these children; they do it to the Lord. (Paraphrase, Matthew 25:40). Their battles belong to the Lord that He may receive the glory and their strength to persevere comes from Him alone. Should our lives be any different?