Newsletter from Pastor Habimana

Thanks for your prayers. The Faith training begun on 25th as I informed you and ended on 28th with 36 participants.

How it was organized and its impact:

Heekima church has 10 local churches under its leadership and the objective was to train evangelist’s leaders of these local churches to be well equipped with the word of God. Each local church sent three participants, and Kiwandja church and Rubaya Church sent 5 evangelists. Those evangelists were not yet trained for the ministry.

Hekima church, the mother church provided food and transportation for the participants. Athanase and Pascal was teaching from the beginning up to the end . We divided the sessions and as it was in local language Kiswahili, it was easy for the participants to follow. We had to start from 8:30 and stopped at 5:00 in the evening.

The second day at 13:30 we sent participants in the field for practice in order to evaluate if their understood what they learned. We divided them into 6 groups, and the practice was well done, and they witnessed 74 people who accepted Jesus Christ to be their Lord and Saviour Teaching continued the third day and ended at 1:30.

After finishing, we heard from participants relating to the training. In general they said:

  • This was new for us
  • We didn’t knew how to explain faith
  • We do not have believers in our respective churches because we are ignorant
  • What we do is to invite people to be visitors on Sunday services without witnessing to them
  • We didn’t know how to proceed when witnessing


They learn about the key question which helped them to introduce their witness

The whole teachings about faith-Imani helped them a lot and they was very interested


Everyone back home saying that he is going to witnessing and if possible plant one church, and have opportunity to teach Imani-Faith in their churches in order all members can know what to do with the unbelievers. Thank you once again for your prayers and financial support.

May God bless you

Athanase Habimana