Julius Murgor, Director POM

POM-MurgorFamilyJulius Murgor is a native of the Pokot tribe. As a child he was educated in the herding of cattle — the primary activity of the Pokot people. Julius did not take to the idea of being a herder and he would wander into the bush and make toys for himself out of sticks, rocks and whatever else might be available. This lack of interest displeased his father who asked the village chief to send Julius away to boarding school as a punishment.

Moving away from the tribe to an academic environment was difficult, but Julius was a good student and was able to skip two grades in elementary school. High school became a challenge financially, but God was in control and a man in Canada supplied the funds for Julius to be able to complete High School.

Julius’ acceptance of Jesus as his Lord and Saviour came through a friend who attended another High School about forty miles from where Julius’ school was located. Over a school holiday he shared with Julius what a teacher at his school had shared with him about the Good News. Julius became the first believer in his village of about 5,000 people.

After High School, through the continued support of his Canadian sponsor, Julius attended Kenya Highlands Bible College where he met a teacher who changed his life. This man suggested that Julius go to the United States to learn to teach others to share the Gospel. He knew that foreigners would have a very difficult time surviving under the harsh conditions which the Pokot live. It would take a national to bring the Pokot to Christ.

Julius was hesitant because of finances, but the Lord provided a full scholarship to Washington Bible College where Julius completed his undergraduate studies and then completed his masters at Trinity Divinity School (Trinity International University) in 1987. With degree in hand, it was time to return to the hard life that he had left. Many people tried to convince him to stay in the States, but he knew that God kept speaking to him through Isaiah 6:8 “Whom shall we send and who will go for us.”

Julius returned, got married and headed off to the middle of one of the toughest areas of Pokot where he preached for five years with no fruit. It was his wife Rachel who caused a turn in the ministry. She invited village women to tea and bread at the house. She started with about six to eight women and the conversations soon brought questions about creation, customs and beliefs. That small group blossomed into a Bible study, then a church and now has grown into 177 preaching points and continues to grow each year.

Julius and Rachel have four children — three girls and one boy. Julius oversees the work at three orphanages housing 450 children and 10 medical clinics. He also conducts evangelistic training for pastors and evangelists. He is constantly looking for new ways to improve the lives of the Pokot as a way of bringing glory to the Lord for His provisions.

God took the life of this one man to make a difference to a tribe of close to 1,000,000. With God all things are possible!