Joy in the Midst of the Masses

I recently had the opportunity to visit with Kamlesh and Ranu of the Good Samaritan Center in India. This is written to describe what God is doing among the people of India.

On landing and leaving the airport, the first impression is people everywhere in great numbers. It is projected that India will pass China in the next few years in total population in a land area which is one third the size of the United States.

The faces around are grim, but generally kind, but seen without hope. Then we see Kamlesh, Ranu and Kushy. They are all smiles and have true joy. They greet us with great excitement and humble concern for our well being.

A major focus of Kamlesh and Ranu’s ministry are two schools. The first one, on the fringe of Ujjain, serves the lowest social and economic level from local villages. There are 130 students presently enrolled with four teachers, including Kamlesh, and one helper.

Classes and activities are conducted in one medium sized and three small rooms. The children are taught knowledge, skills and character using teaching materials and the scriptures.

Some of the students are transported by tempos (motorized rickshaws) as they live too far away to walk. Many walk from nearby villages. These children would not be attending school if it were not for “Jagat-Jyoti” – “Light of the World” school. All are Hindu and are hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The newest school, Jeevan Jyoti English Medium School (“Light of the Life”), is in Ujjain and has 60 students. All are Hindu. They are from families who could not afford to pay full school costs, but do pay a small fee. The students are ages 2 – 8 years and they are divided into 4 classes for studies. There are four teachers, including Ranu, and one helper. The Lord our God is proclaimed in everything with His truth.

The plan is to add a class each year as funds allow for teachers and space to increase. Ranu is currently pursuing a Bachelors degree in education, which she will complete in May. She already has bachelor, masters and doctorate degrees in Sociology.

Another focus of the ministry is church planting. Our visits to families and groups of Christians in nine rural villages were times of great joy, fellowship and teaching. Kamlesh and Ranu visit these villages to worship and fellowship with these people monthly. They travel great distance over very bad roads that take much time and bodily abuse. They are faithful!

An 83 year old pastor ministers to the two newest village groups. A young pastor and family are assisting at one village and two evangelists travel to some of the other villages. It is very evident that these Christians are well grounded in God’s Word – praise Him.

Kamlesh and Ranu are very grateful for the Lord’s provision through the partnership with Harvesters, which include a vehicle, a water well with clean, fresh water at the village school and Kamlesh and Ranu’s support.

The next project being planned is a new school building on the site of the village school – the land and a good well are already there. The Harold Stevens Memorial Fund is the beginning of the funding

Please continue to pray for them and for those who have not had the opportunity to hear.